Your Company Name offers early orthodontic treatment for children.

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that children see an orthodontist no later than age seven to evaluate if orthodontic treatment is necessary, and when to begin treatment if it’s needed.

Even though an orthodontist can enhance a smile at any age, there is an optimal time period to begin orthodontic treatment. Beginning treatment at the ideal time ensures the best, quickest results possible, with the least amount of expense.

According to The American Association of Orthodontists, the initial orthodontic evaluation can be done at the first sign of orthodontic problems, or no later than 7 years of age.

At this early age, orthodontic treatment may not be necessary yet, but vigilant examination can anticipate the most advantageous time to begin treatment.

Early evaluation provides timely detection of potential problems and a greater opportunity for effective treatment. Early evaluation prevents serious problems later on.

When orthodontic intervention isn’t needed yet, your orthodontist can carefully monitor growth and development, and will begin treatment when it is ideal.

By the age of 7, the first adult molars erupt, establishing the back bite. During this stage, an orthodontist can evaluate side-to-side and front-to-back tooth relationships. If any potential orthodontic problem is detected, our Orthodontist will start interceptive treatment.

Results Of Interceptive Treatment Include:

• Reducing Treatment Time With Braces

• Preserving Space For Un-erupted Teeth

• Reducing The Need For Tooth Removal

• Making Room For Crowded and Erupting Teeth

• Reducing The Risk Of Protruding Front Teeth (“buck teeth”)

• Changing Facial Symmetry By Influencing Jaw Growth

This early screening allows your doctor to recognize potential orthodontic problems early, in order to manage them before they become a growing concern. Early treatment of certain orthodontic problems today often results in shorter overall treatment time with additional cost saving benefits tomorrow.

Early interceptive orthodontic treatment of specific orthodontic abnormalities has proven to be beneficial from an aesthetic perspective. Treatment is often easier, the results occur sooner, and retention of the finished result may be more stable.

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